FAQs (Fabricated Awesome Questions)

Yeah I made all of these up. I suspect everyone else makes theirs up too. I bet most FAQ sections are actually FAQ sections.

So here’s a list of awesome that I hope you might be asking.

How did you come up with your pen name?

Glad you asked! Jae is the feminine version of my very first character crush back in elementary school. Jay, you still have a hunk of my heart. Nevermind I wanted to *be* you instead of marry you; boys used to get all the fun in adventure series.

Duran is short for Durango, the town in Colorado where my family stopped for a few days of vacation on our 6-week-long Southwest road trip just before I started high school. I was about 30 handwritten notebook pages into my first long epic sci-fi novel, the one that stole another hunk of my heart forever. I lost the rest of the dang thing on that same trip, somewhere between Colorado and New Mexico. Now I’m heartless.

What is your real name?

I could tell you that. But then I’d have to kill you. Scratch that: I’d write you into my novel. Then I’d kill you.

Trust me, your tongue isn’t up to the challenge anyway.

What’s so special about where you grew up?

It’s a country in Africa so tiny you blink and you miss it, or Senegal eats it like Pac-Man. My first creativity was composed in treetops in Gambia, West Africa, my home from ages 4-17.

What is the name of your awesome cat?

She’s glad you asked. Meet Sophie Chloe, also known as Toothless, also known as Furry Snake, also known as Kitty. You’ll have to specify which when you ask for her autograph.


* If you’ve got a burning question that’s not on here but still lives up to this level of Awesome, send me a note in the contact section. I’d love to hear from you!

** If you ask it enough times, maybe it can even achieve FAQ status and get posted here.

*** If you ask it too many times, maybe I’ll blacklist you.