Phobos cover art

Mars’ moon Phobos hangs dark and silent against the cratered and canyoned chaos of the Martian surface. Phobos is due to crash into the surface of Mars, probably in the next 50 million years or so. I hope we’ve gone a long way toward figuring out its secrets — origin, composition, general aura of mystery — by its expiration date.

“Phobos: Best before 15874 G.C.E” — TAPS art show honorable mention, October 2014, acrylic on canvas

Check out my awesome fast-draw videos created for NASA’s asteroid sample return mission! Here’s the first video I made with a team of grad students and friends during an internship in 2013. Check out the whole series playlist on YouTube!

Asteroids: Fact vs. Fiction, December 2013



“African Road” — Summer 2008, watercolor pencils on watercolor paper


Oil painting is a relatively new endeavor, and so far I’m loving it!

Stereo Photography

If you know how to cross your eyes, check out these cool stereo photos!


Garage door mural of the Colorado mountains summer 2018

Digital Art

“Purple Tree,” made with Krita digital art program, June 2017

I used the Krita digital art program to create a photobook to showcase my PhD dissertation, rewritten with artwork and poetry a la Dr. Seuss.

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